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Shiva meals


The Shiva period (the Hebrew word for seven) is a time for mourners to express their sorrow and offer comfort upon the passing of a loved one. Traditionally for seven days after the funeral, the mourners sit Shiva at the deceased’s house.

During that time, visitors often provide food to the mourners to free them from the cooking task.

We at the Kosher Nosh will coordinate the delivered food orders to ensure that a variety of foods are being sent over the shiva period.

In addition to the Cold Cut platters, Deli & Chicken Platters and Smoked Fish platters we offer a wide variety of foods.

We offer hot meals, sandwiches, salads, fruit platters, our Famous Rugalach and more…

We will include a condolence card with a listing of all participants.

We would be pleased to help with all your Shiva needs.