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Sweet Kosher Nosh Desserts

  • A Cake for a every special occasion In Addition to our Famous Rugelach Our deluxe sweet table includes:

    An assortment of Fresh Fruit, Apple strudel, Seven layer, Fancy Tarts, Fudge brownies cake, Tortes, Petitfours, Mini Black and Whites, Halvahs.

  • Cookies, Chocolate Candies, Chocolate dipped Strawberries, Assorted Pastries, Fancy Cookies, Mini Black and Whites , Jelly Rings, Chocolate covered Marshmallow.

  • Fabulous French Toast

    Our French Toast is made with real a challah taped with powdered cinnamon sugar and served with 100% Real Maple Syrup, fresh strawberries & whipped cream.

  • Fresh Fruit Display

    A beautiful seasonal fresh fruit display with both whole and cut fruit.

  • East Side Blintzes

    We offer an assortment of flavors: Cherry, Blueberry, Apple, Strawberry and Potato. Served with our Applesauce