Friends of the Disabled Israeli War Veterans

Our Year

Dear Friend:

    The events in past years have stunned the world and changed forever the way most Americans view life.  Our struggles against the forces of hate and destruction have no end in sight.  Israel continues to be challenged by senseless violence almost daily and frustrated by much of the world’s indifference

It is comforting to know, when our lives have been invaded with a degree of fear and insecurity, that Beit Halochem, exists to build and strengthen the bonds between the American Jewish community and Israel.  It is unique in creating personal relationships between disabled Israeli war veterans and American families; bonds that are deep and last a lifetime.

Zahal Shalom was established by Bergen county residents over thirteen years ago with the goal of bringing ten disabled Israeli veterans to New Jersey.  As guests of local families, they engage in an intensive two-week program that includes visits to sites in New York and Washington DC and participation in numerous community events

Words cannot begin to describe the effect of this program on all participants.  Although their time with us is brief, the veterans are forever impacted by our constant expressions of love and appreciation. For some, it is the first time they are able to discuss their physical and emotional trauma which for years laid buried under a veneer of "toughness". All this seems a small price to pay for the pain they endured to protect the land that is our inspiration and our ultimate protection.

Their hosts, on the other hand, gain a new perspective and an appreciation of a life free of trauma and trepidation.  We ask you to join us in this important program in whatever way you can, as a host, a contributor (all contributions are tax deductible), or any other way you choose. The next visit is scheduled for May 2006.  For additional information, please call  Zahal Shalom Chairperson, Ronnie Brenner at 201-358-8480.

  With warm regards,
Ronnie Brenner
2004-2005 Zahal Shalom Chairperson

Please make all tax-deductible contribution payable to the G.R.J.C. Zahal Shalom Program. 

Mailing Address :

Zahal Shalom Program
c/o Gerald Margolis
209 Cornwall Rd.
Glen Rock NJ 07452


Glen Rock Jewish Center, 682 Harristown Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452