1976 ~ 2011  ~ 35th.  ANNIVERSARY

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A Traditional Kosher Delicatessen - Kosher Catering - Smoked Fish & Appetizing - Delicatessen & Culinary Dining

Feeling & Emotions & Mood
The Supervisor
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   Click for SoundTsoris

Suffering, trouble

   Click for SoundGehakte Tsoris

Worse sufffering or trouble

   Click for SoundHeymish

Homey, warm

   Click for SoundMechaye

A pleasure, a delight

   Click for SoundNaches

A pleasure, a delight

   Click for SoundRachmones

Compassion, pity

   Click for SoundOngepatcheket

Overdecorated, overdone

   Click for SoundFarputst

All dressed up

   Click for SoundTsedreyt

Confuzed, dizzy

   Click for SoundNisht do gedachet

It should not happen to you

   Click for SoundGezunter

Healty, hearty

   Click for SoundFarchadat

Confused,distracted, dysfunctional

   Click for SoundFarmisht

Confused, dysfunctional

   Click for SoundFarfalen

Hopeless, doomed

   Click for SoundFarblondget

Lost, dysfunctional

   Click for SoundChalushisdick

Neauseating, sickening

   Click for SoundTsiterik

Anxious, nervous

   Click for SoundOysgeshpilt

Exhausted, played out

   Click for SoundZitzfleysh

Be able to to sit still for long time

   Click for SoundFarklempt

Choked up

   Click for SoundFrayleich


   Click for SoundTsetumult

Confused, bewildered