1976 ~ 2011  ~ 35th.  ANNIVERSARY

894 Prospect St. Glen Rock NJ  Tel: 1201 445-1186
A Traditional Kosher Delicatessen - Kosher Catering - Smoked Fish & Appetizing - Delicatessen & Culinary Dining

Sunday, February 12, 1995
The Seasonal Search For Good Chicken Soup.
A popular Bergen County stop for Jewish-style soup is the
KOSHER NOSH, ....the original delicatessen and restaurant in Glen Rock. Noted for freshly appealing displays of deli fare - corned beef and peppery
pastrami, smoked fish, salads and prepared dishes - this bustling
establishment offers chicken soup with a limpid golden broth base. In it
comes either thin noodles or rather firm, savory matzoh balls. These round dumplings, described on the menu as "penicillin supplements" are
traditionally made of matzoh meal, eggs, chicken fat and seasoning..........

June 2000